In May 2016, I was blessed to have an oportunity to visit HCMC. It was bussines trip with additional 30 hours of pleasure. Honestly I have no expectation visiting this city. So this is what I have done during the 30 hours pleasure.

1. Eat Pho at the very authentic place.

We eat pho at pho hua in the street named Pasteur. Pho for me is more than a abowl of hot mee. But it is the way of Vietnameese eat.They did not consume rice as the ultimate karbo but they choose the rice noodle in a lot of form. In this stall they also sell the pastry with pork minced inside. Pastry is one of  french influence in HCMC. Didn`t forget to mentioned that there are catedhral named Noterdame, like in France.

2. Eat Bahn Me and Sea Food

Bahn Me is a sandwich with a lot of layer types of pork on it. To be sure, the bun is very delicious. It taste more pastry instead of bread. I ound one stall very tasty at HCMC square, near riverie hotel. 

They called the white one is pork sausage. They also put liver patty as spread of the bun together with the butter. It gives the a little sweet on the overall bun.

The sea food.. There are reasons why you shall get the sea food is because the sea food is very fresh. I have seafood dinner as part of the working schedule. My friend said that the famous place to gt the seafood called Marina. But actually this photos below was taken on the sea food restaurant named Maxim, one block from Riverie Hotel. The prawn was boiled and then grilled without any souces. The prawn is very fresh, thats why it taste very good. It is very sweet. It shall be eat using pepper and lemon. The crab also cooked in a very simple way. It was cooked in the simple soup with ginger on the broth.

3. Going to HCMC square in the night and eating those local food stall

They call this one banana paper. Basically they press the banana until as thin as cardboard. The taste came from caramelized banana.

The other snack you can buy is sauted corn with small prawn and they also put some pepers on it. Very taste indeed.

4. Going to Ben Than Market

Ben Than market actually sell the souvenirs, food stall, and also fresh items to be cooked. The food stall is clean and the price of the food is very cheap. It tried rice vermicelly salad with sliced pork grilled.

5. Drink like Vietnameese does

I mean is drinking coffee and tea. haha. There are several coffee and tea stall you need to try. The famous coffee stall is Trung Nguyen. This coffee shop is easy to be found. They have the coffee bean with alot of grades. You can ask them to grind for you.

The other famous place to get the milk tea and coffee is Phuc Long. This stall served the best milk tea i ever taste. The milk tea is balance, not too sweet yet not too bitter.

That`s all. I did not vist any museum. But I think it will be very interesting.

Stay safe guys and keep traveling


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