Hi there, I know it has been a while since my last post. A lot of new things has been bought. One of my recent purchased is Antipodes Hosana Serum. 

If you re not familiar with Antipodes, this brand is an organic brand from New Zealand. Compare to other organic brand, this brand is quite pricey. I bought this serum from benscrub.I am so curious that`s why I purchased the trial instead of full size. 

Looking on their website, they claim that the serum is scientifically shown to stimulate synthesis of collagen production by 72%. When I opened the bottle, I did not expect that the colour will be…..yellowish milky to brownie. I thought it will be no smell at all. But I was wrong. There is a smell that very similar to the Indonesian Jamu, and ver much similar with Kunyit to be exact.For me, I am ok with the smell. 

But it might be not ok for several person. In terms of texture, the texture is light and runny. In my skin (combination skin), this serum can be absorbed fast by my skin. I need 4 drops to cover my face. First impression: I thought this serum is help to add mousturizer in your skin. My skin felt more dewy comparing to not using this serum. But looking on the price, I don`t think this serum have much value for money.

Stay in love girls



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