I drafted this post on th NZ, and then the internet connection sucks and i can upload it until now.
Here we go, I finally write in down about it. I wrote the draft of this blog in YHA Lake Tekapo New Zealand with this view in front of me. (and a hot guy beside me hand writting something) šŸ™‚

First, not a lot of people know I like coldplay. Some of my friend told me that their song is too depresed. But for me, their song is like a poet serenades by Chris Martin with a lot of great and catchy melody. I am not the one who really like poet so much but their lyrics is so sentimental and beautiful.

I started wanting to watch their concert after watching their 2012 concert. It was a brilliant show. Packed in super brilliant theme and the concept is very artisty as well. So when kartu pos made a package in Australia and New Zealand, I posted on the path that I really want to go to one of them. And the date is the first week of December. Perfect timing. And voila, Ursula comment on my path and here I am.

New Zealand is another story. I wanted to visit this place since 2010. And then the saving is gone, but the wanting is still there. I want to visit this country not because I like hobbit or lord of the ring. I slept on Lord of The Ring by the way. And I started to hate game of thrones. I want to see this country because of their nature. Everybody posting a very picture perfect photos of New Zealand. Then coldplay planed to have a gig in New Zealand. Oh God must be saving the best scenario for me.

To cut the stories short, how did the concert happened. It was mind blowing. I already google some of their 2016 show. I know what song they will play but still, this concert made me laugh, cry, laugh, and cry again. In this show, suddenlly I love their MAGIC song. The song that i felt so flat this whole time. This band really made their song come alive on their concert. I don`t know how they did it, but they did it.

This concert so far is the best ever (comparing to some other I ever watched). The one below this concert is Alicia Keys. šŸ™‚ Somehow, they made the lyrics come alive with their on stage performance and their presence.And the beauty of watching the band doing tye concert is they much better doing live than on the record. In non traditional way, they played orchestra music 2 mins before they come up to the stage. I am quite surprised with this one.

Then the screen turns into the logo of their new album Head Full of Dream. And suddenly, our bracellet lighten up into red colors. The whole stadium is turning red. Amazing view. They rolled from one song to another. They threw confeties, lots of balloon and they also played a fans request. 

This is the first concert I watched it with so much emotions instead of screaming out loud. It might be their song is not suit to teenagers. And you know, the audience age range is from the early 60s until mid 20s. This concert is quite different than other. They take a look on a very detail level. Including on what shape is the confetti, what color of the wristband lights, how the blipping on the beat.

Talking about the lighting wristband, they use this kind of wristband since 2012. And this is the way they communicate wit the audience. How all the wristband turns into yellow during the song yellow, and turns into burst technicolor during a sing charlie brown. One of the newspaper in NZ also mentioned how colorfull this concert. From the colorfull confetti, to the laser show, to the colorfull balloon, and of course the wrist band.

So if you have a chance, see them. The are AWESOME.


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