Hobbiton is one of the surreal place i have visited at New Zealand. The famous site was built based on peter jackson movie, Lord of the ring and of course The Hobbit.

This site previously built as temporary set for the movies. Then after the movies is booming, peter jackson and his team rent this humongous space from local named, Alexander. Can you believe how much money he/she receive from peter jackson? 😀

Anyway, this hobbiton is on the north island of NZ. And we didn’t drive. Simply because we are lazy to drive and would like to enjoy the view. So we took the buss everywhere.

We started the journey at 7 am from Auckland. It took 3 hours to drive from Auckland to Matamata. Wevtook naked buss since it is cheaper then the intercity. They only have one schedule auckland to matamata per day. Comparing to intercity, they have less schedulle. You can purchase the buss online, then just tell the driver your booking number during the visit day.

There are several option during purchasing the tour ticket. I bought it online (http://www.hobbitontours.com).  Yes, you need to buy the ticket and using tour. The option of starts are from matamata isite or from the shire’s rest. If you take public bus, it is better you take from the isite matamata.

After 3 hours by buss from auckland, we arrived at 10am at matamata isite. This matamata site is literally out of nowhere. It is a quite place. Especially we visited on sunday. There was no local food opened. But they have kfc and subway opened on sunday. 

On the isite you need to change your online booking with the tickets. Please note that the tickets are not flexible. Once you purchase on that schedule you can not change it. From the isite, we are picked up by the the buss to go to the hobitton set. It took 20 mins to be there. So it is not near from the isite.

Along the way, you will see this unlimited green lush meadow until you see the humongous number of sheep nearby the site. Which I belive the team feed them so well then they become so fatty and incrediblly cute.

After passing the shire’s rest, you will get accompanied by the tour guide. He will explain to you all the things at hobbiton. One of your tour group might be one of the die hard fans of lote and hobbit. So be prepared. 😀 The die hard fans will know that some area are on the movie for whatever secs of the movie.

The entrance

Anyhow, we have all the luck in the world. That day was a sunny day. It made the photos perfect with the blue skies. 

A group photos
Abandon deck

The green door of Bilbo Baggins house. It’s always close for public

The tour ended at green dragon. A small bar inside the area. You will get a glass of cold drink for free. They have the non alcohol one. But off course i choose the famous apple cider. The taste are very good. 

And after 2 hours the tours are ended and we drove back to matamata isite. And we panicked since our bus was at 6.30. And we backed at isite at 1.3pm. We tought we can spend longer time at hobbiton. But actually not. After calculating and etc, we decide to puchased other ticket to go to central auckland using intercity. So instead of saving some money using naked bus, we lost 25 nzd due to wrong time calculation and miss understanding. 

So guys, i let you know that the time inside the hobbiton in not unlimitted. It is limited. That’s why you need to be in a rush to take a lot of wallpaper-ish picture.

But it was a lot of fun



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