Accomodation is one of the important part of travelling. It is not only the place you will spend you sleeping time, but it will affect your mood.

The hostel chain which is famous in New zealand is YHA (Young Hostel Association). This chain hostel is very decent and located in vary various area in southern and nother island. Even they have accomodation at mount cook. During my trup last december, I stayed at their accomodation in 4 cities: Auckland, Queenstown, Lake Tekapo, and Christchurch. They do not only have the bunk bed and share room. But they also have several room with double bed and options sharing bedroom or not. They provide rhe towel and also the heater om each room. This is important since you know, summer in new zealand is around 18-19 in noon in auckland. But in lake tekapo or queenstown during summer it can reach 9 deg cel at night.


This YHA located near CBD. You can just walk in to CBD. I booked the double room with ensuited bathroom. The view from the double room is amazing. Each YHA provide the kitchen, and laundry as well. Everything on this hostel are DIY. It might be a little expensive comparing to other hostel, but truat me you don’t regret it. They did not provide the heater on the auckland. Which is fine durimg the summer.

The wide view
Window view from our room


The location yha tekapo is just nearby a lot oh hits place, the queenstown cable train, or the famous ferg burger. The diningroom have a superb view tho. The facilities (bed and etc are quit old). But still this hostel has its own charming. We booked double room with ensuite bathroom,there is a chair and porch like this on below picture.

Lake Tekapo

This place pretty much the smallest among those other 4 sites. Yeah well there are pretty much nothing on lake tekapo except a very lovely scenery. 😀 well hey you know this place have the greatest view of all four. The rooms is small and we there is no room with ensuited bathroom. The place is very near from the inter city buss stop and near church of good shephard as well. They didn’t provide tv on the hostel. Neither on the activity room which i love it. Instead they provide a lot of books, and piano, and some games (scrabble and etc). Well, i can not deny the the activity room is quit romantic. Seeing the scenery through the very big window and sitting together with the person you love most is not a bad idea right?

Actually this tekapo site allowed us to pay to stay at tent on our tent using their backyard. I can imagine that how the skies is full of stars and it will be bima sakti on it. You can enjoy ot from your tent. But looking on the cold, i don’t think it was such a good idea for me. 

The bed

The old piano


Unfortunatelly i don’t why i did  not take picture on this site. The hoatel have pretty much very well bed, it has tv inside and a very decent kicthen and dining room.

Well this post in not sponsored by anyone. But i have no regret at all stayed at YHA. Hopefully, there is another next time to visit new zealand.

Keep walking further guys


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