Where to stay at New Zealand

Accomodation is one of the important part of travelling. It is not only the place you will spend you sleeping time, but it will affect your mood.

The hostel chain which is famous in New zealand is YHA (Young Hostel Association). This chain hostel is very decent and located in vary various area in southern and nother island. Even they have accomodation at mount cook. During my trup last december, I stayed at their accomodation in 4 cities: Auckland, Queenstown, Lake Tekapo, and Christchurch. They do not only have the bunk bed and share room. But they also have several room with double bed and options sharing bedroom or not. They provide rhe towel and also the heater om each room. This is important since you know, summer in new zealand is around 18-19 in noon in auckland. But in lake tekapo or queenstown during summer it can reach 9 deg cel at night.


This YHA located near CBD. You can just walk in to CBD. I booked the double room with ensuited bathroom. The view from the double room is amazing. Each YHA provide the kitchen, and laundry as well. Everything on this hostel are DIY. It might be a little expensive comparing to other hostel, but truat me you don’t regret it. They did not provide the heater on the auckland. Which is fine durimg the summer.

The wide view
Window view from our room


The location yha tekapo is just nearby a lot oh hits place, the queenstown cable train, or the famous ferg burger. The diningroom have a superb view tho. The facilities (bed and etc are quit old). But still this hostel has its own charming. We booked double room with ensuite bathroom,there is a chair and porch like this on below picture.

Lake Tekapo

This place pretty much the smallest among those other 4 sites. Yeah well there are pretty much nothing on lake tekapo except a very lovely scenery. πŸ˜€ well hey you know this place have the greatest view of all four. The rooms is small and we there is no room with ensuited bathroom. The place is very near from the inter city buss stop and near church of good shephard as well. They didn’t provide tv on the hostel. Neither on the activity room which i love it. Instead they provide a lot of books, and piano, and some games (scrabble and etc). Well, i can not deny the the activity room is quit romantic. Seeing the scenery through the very big window and sitting together with the person you love most is not a bad idea right?

Actually this tekapo site allowed us to pay to stay at tent on our tent using their backyard. I can imagine that how the skies is full of stars and it will be bima sakti on it. You can enjoy ot from your tent. But looking on the cold, i don’t think it was such a good idea for me. 

The bed

The old piano


Unfortunatelly i don’t why i did  not take picture on this site. The hoatel have pretty much very well bed, it has tv inside and a very decent kicthen and dining room.

Well this post in not sponsored by anyone. But i have no regret at all stayed at YHA. Hopefully, there is another next time to visit new zealand.

Keep walking further guys

Sunny day at Hobbiton Movie Set

Hobbiton is one of the surreal place i have visited at New Zealand. The famous site was built based on peter jackson movie, Lord of the ring and of course The Hobbit.

This site previously built as temporary set for the movies. Then after the movies is booming, peter jackson and his team rent this humongous space from local named, Alexander. Can you believe how much money he/she receive from peter jackson? πŸ˜€

Anyway, this hobbiton is on the north island of NZ. And we didn’t drive. Simply because we are lazy to drive and would like to enjoy the view. So we took the buss everywhere.

We started the journey at 7 am from Auckland. It took 3 hours to drive from Auckland to Matamata. Wevtook naked buss since it is cheaper then the intercity. They only have one schedule auckland to matamata per day. Comparing to intercity, they have less schedulle. You can purchase the buss online, then just tell the driver your booking number during the visit day.

There are several option during purchasing the tour ticket. I bought it online (http://www.hobbitontours.com).  Yes, you need to buy the ticket and using tour. The option of starts are from matamata isite or from the shire’s rest. If you take public bus, it is better you take from the isite matamata.

After 3 hours by buss from auckland, we arrived at 10am at matamata isite. This matamata site is literally out of nowhere. It is a quite place. Especially we visited on sunday. There was no local food opened. But they have kfc and subway opened on sunday. 

On the isite you need to change your online booking with the tickets. Please note that the tickets are not flexible. Once you purchase on that schedule you can not change it. From the isite, we are picked up by the the buss to go to the hobitton set. It took 20 mins to be there. So it is not near from the isite.

Along the way, you will see this unlimited green lush meadow until you see the humongous number of sheep nearby the site. Which I belive the team feed them so well then they become so fatty and incrediblly cute.

After passing the shire’s rest, you will get accompanied by the tour guide. He will explain to you all the things at hobbiton. One of your tour group might be one of the die hard fans of lote and hobbit. So be prepared. πŸ˜€ The die hard fans will know that some area are on the movie for whatever secs of the movie.

The entrance

Anyhow, we have all the luck in the world. That day was a sunny day. It made the photos perfect with the blue skies. 

A group photos
Abandon deck

The green door of Bilbo Baggins house. It’s always close for public

The tour ended at green dragon. A small bar inside the area. You will get a glass of cold drink for free. They have the non alcohol one. But off course i choose the famous apple cider. The taste are very good. 

And after 2 hours the tours are ended and we drove back to matamata isite. And we panicked since our bus was at 6.30. And we backed at isite at 1.3pm. We tought we can spend longer time at hobbiton. But actually not. After calculating and etc, we decide to puchased other ticket to go to central auckland using intercity. So instead of saving some money using naked bus, we lost 25 nzd due to wrong time calculation and miss understanding. 

So guys, i let you know that the time inside the hobbiton in not unlimitted. It is limited. That’s why you need to be in a rush to take a lot of wallpaper-ish picture.

But it was a lot of fun


Being in the Coldplay Concert

I drafted this post on th NZ, and then the internet connection sucks and i can upload it until now.
Here we go, I finally write in down about it. I wrote the draft of this blog in YHA Lake Tekapo New Zealand with this view in front of me. (and a hot guy beside me hand writting something) πŸ™‚

First, not a lot of people know I like coldplay. Some of my friend told me that their song is too depresed. But for me, their song is like a poet serenades by Chris Martin with a lot of great and catchy melody. I am not the one who really like poet so much but their lyrics is so sentimental and beautiful.

I started wanting to watch their concert after watching their 2012 concert. It was a brilliant show. Packed in super brilliant theme and the concept is very artisty as well. So when kartu pos made a package in Australia and New Zealand, I posted on the path that I really want to go to one of them. And the date is the first week of December. Perfect timing. And voila, Ursula comment on my path and here I am.

New Zealand is another story. I wanted to visit this place since 2010. And then the saving is gone, but the wanting is still there. I want to visit this country not because I like hobbit or lord of the ring. I slept on Lord of The Ring by the way. And I started to hate game of thrones. I want to see this country because of their nature. Everybody posting a very picture perfect photos of New Zealand. Then coldplay planed to have a gig in New Zealand. Oh God must be saving the best scenario for me.

To cut the stories short, how did the concert happened. It was mind blowing. I already google some of their 2016 show. I know what song they will play but still, this concert made me laugh, cry, laugh, and cry again. In this show, suddenlly I love their MAGIC song. The song that i felt so flat this whole time. This band really made their song come alive on their concert. I don`t know how they did it, but they did it.

This concert so far is the best ever (comparing to some other I ever watched). The one below this concert is Alicia Keys. πŸ™‚ Somehow, they made the lyrics come alive with their on stage performance and their presence.And the beauty of watching the band doing tye concert is they much better doing live than on the record. In non traditional way, they played orchestra music 2 mins before they come up to the stage. I am quite surprised with this one.

Then the screen turns into the logo of their new album Head Full of Dream. And suddenly, our bracellet lighten up into red colors. The whole stadium is turning red. Amazing view. They rolled from one song to another. They threw confeties, lots of balloon and they also played a fans request. 

This is the first concert I watched it with so much emotions instead of screaming out loud. It might be their song is not suit to teenagers. And you know, the audience age range is from the early 60s until mid 20s. This concert is quite different than other. They take a look on a very detail level. Including on what shape is the confetti, what color of the wristband lights, how the blipping on the beat.

Talking about the lighting wristband, they use this kind of wristband since 2012. And this is the way they communicate wit the audience. How all the wristband turns into yellow during the song yellow, and turns into burst technicolor during a sing charlie brown. One of the newspaper in NZ also mentioned how colorfull this concert. From the colorfull confetti, to the laser show, to the colorfull balloon, and of course the wrist band.

So if you have a chance, see them. The are AWESOME.

Antipodes Hosana Serum

Hi there, I know it has been a while since my last post. A lot of new things has been bought. One of my recent purchased is Antipodes Hosana Serum. 

If you re not familiar with Antipodes, this brand is an organic brand from New Zealand. Compare to other organic brand, this brand is quite pricey. I bought this serum from benscrub.I am so curious that`s why I purchased the trial instead of full size. 

Looking on their website, they claim that the serum is scientifically shown to stimulate synthesis of collagen production by 72%. When I opened the bottle, I did not expect that the colour will be…..yellowish milky to brownie. I thought it will be no smell at all. But I was wrong. There is a smell that very similar to the Indonesian Jamu, and ver much similar with Kunyit to be exact.For me, I am ok with the smell. 

But it might be not ok for several person. In terms of texture, the texture is light and runny. In my skin (combination skin), this serum can be absorbed fast by my skin. I need 4 drops to cover my face. First impression: I thought this serum is help to add mousturizer in your skin. My skin felt more dewy comparing to not using this serum. But looking on the price, I don`t think this serum have much value for money.

Stay in love girls


Night skincare routine

I started this night routine last year. Starting is the hardest. Put 7 products before sleep? Yes, you can feel the benefit of it. You will not regret you take a serious research in skin care. Please do a research beacuse every skin is different. Mine will be different with yours. So love yourself with loving your skin. 

πŸ”΄I started the double cleansing with hada labo cleansing oil. This cleansing oil will emulsified when you mix it with water. It will not make your face dry.

❀ Then Hada labo mild peeling face wash. This face wssh contained AHA and BHA. It won’t make your face dry. The price is reasonalble as well. It is around 40 k idr for the large size. You can buy it on the drug store or on big supermarket.

πŸ’™ 1st toner is exfoliating /acid toner. So basically why we need acid tonner? After doible cleansing, the acid mantel above your skin will be thin or maybe gone. This acid tonner will give the acid layer back. If your acid layer gone, and your skin is dry until it feels so tight, the surface of your skin might be crack and in this crack the bactery can enter your skin. It became the pimple. For those of you who hs senitif skin, you can dilute the acid tonner before apply it on your skin. These hada labo mild peeling lotion unfortunatelly can not be bought in Indonesia. It is made in Malaysia. You can buy in the @belanja.etc 😁

πŸ’š Next is moisturizer tonner. I use hada labo ultimate mpisturizing lotion. This lotion can be bought at big supermartket in Indonesia. One important thing, it is a must to apply the toner using cotton pads. If not, your skin get more dryer than using the pads.

πŸ’– Nexrt layer is Nuxe eye cream for anti fatigue

πŸ’— Then I continue with Glycolic fix serum from nip fab. I randomly bought this serum in ebay with free ongkir with very cheap price. Under 100 k idr.  πŸ˜ƒ You can not find this serum in Indonesia as well. 

πŸ’š Last one and the most important one are face oil. My holy grailskin care, tarte maracuja oil. This oil is high vitamin C. Why i put this as my holy grail? I feel my skin gets better after using this face oil. The color is even, less pimple, and more moist. Well i am still curious with Luna from Sunday Riley tho. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

If you ask me, as the beginner what step that you can easily do, then I suggest a double cleansing, change the wipes into tissue paper, and invest on the good moiturizer. You will see the diferences in your skin within 3 months. You will have less pimple skin. One more thing, it is important to know what is your skin type so you can choose whether you need  moisturizer gel or cream.

Love πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™

Bump into Ho Chi Minh City

In May 2016, I was blessed to have an oportunity to visit HCMC. It was bussines trip with additional 30 hours of pleasure. Honestly I have no expectation visiting this city. So this is what I have done during the 30 hours pleasure.

1. Eat Pho at the very authentic place.

We eat pho at pho hua in the street named Pasteur. Pho for me is more than a abowl of hot mee. But it is the way of Vietnameese eat.They did not consume rice as the ultimate karbo but they choose the rice noodle in a lot of form. In this stall they also sell the pastry with pork minced inside. Pastry is one of  french influence in HCMC. Didn`t forget to mentioned that there are catedhral named Noterdame, like in France.

2. Eat Bahn Me and Sea Food

Bahn Me is a sandwich with a lot of layer types of pork on it. To be sure, the bun is very delicious. It taste more pastry instead of bread. I ound one stall very tasty at HCMC square, near riverie hotel. 

They called the white one is pork sausage. They also put liver patty as spread of the bun together with the butter. It gives the a little sweet on the overall bun.

The sea food.. There are reasons why you shall get the sea food is because the sea food is very fresh. I have seafood dinner as part of the working schedule. My friend said that the famous place to gt the seafood called Marina. But actually this photos below was taken on the sea food restaurant named Maxim, one block from Riverie Hotel. The prawn was boiled and then grilled without any souces. The prawn is very fresh, thats why it taste very good. It is very sweet. It shall be eat using pepper and lemon. The crab also cooked in a very simple way. It was cooked in the simple soup with ginger on the broth.

3. Going to HCMC square in the night and eating those local food stall

They call this one banana paper. Basically they press the banana until as thin as cardboard. The taste came from caramelized banana.

The other snack you can buy is sauted corn with small prawn and they also put some pepers on it. Very taste indeed.

4. Going to Ben Than Market

Ben Than market actually sell the souvenirs, food stall, and also fresh items to be cooked. The food stall is clean and the price of the food is very cheap. It tried rice vermicelly salad with sliced pork grilled.

5. Drink like Vietnameese does

I mean is drinking coffee and tea. haha. There are several coffee and tea stall you need to try. The famous coffee stall is Trung Nguyen. This coffee shop is easy to be found. They have the coffee bean with alot of grades. You can ask them to grind for you.

The other famous place to get the milk tea and coffee is Phuc Long. This stall served the best milk tea i ever taste. The milk tea is balance, not too sweet yet not too bitter.

That`s all. I did not vist any museum. But I think it will be very interesting.

Stay safe guys and keep traveling